MLR027 // Axi - Mindtech Recordings Takeover

MLR027 // Axi - Mindtech Recordings Mix

Axi's musical intrest began at a very young age ,messing around with trackers & music maker programs on pc and went to music academy ,learned to play drums there for a few years but at the age of 15 discoverd drum'n'bass by his brother. after going to a few dnb parties he knew he found his place. A few months later he collected some records, bought his first mixer and started practicing on old turntables. In 2001, Axi bought hes own pc and started producing tracks , he got in touch with Crossfire(dsci4) and formed a crew with him , the two played on a few Belgium parties but after a while he decided to focus more on producing and go his own way. his tunes got played out by some well known names from the scene and got noticed by Thesis from Atlanta,Usa who decided to sign Axi's tunes on his own label, Corinthian Recordings. Later on he also got signed by Mindtech recordings and Fallout Digital who released both an 4 track ep of axi and lots of singles. more beats are in the making so alot more is to be expected from this rising dj & producer


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Klone - Oblivion (Mindtech LTD dub)
Allied - Universe [Mindtech LTD Dub]
Neonlight - Heavy Bettie vip (Ram records)
NickBee - Third Entity (Invisible)
Gridlok - The Call (V!rus)
Axi - System Overload (Mindtech rec)
Neonlight & Wintermute - Influx (Blackout dub)
L 33 - Scream (Eatbrain dub)
Phace - I Am (Neosignal)
Current Value ñ Driven (Blackout)
Axi - Exosphere (Mindtech LTD Dub)
State Of Mind - Full force (Eatbrain)
Khronos - Timelapse (Mindtech rec)
Axi - Spiderweb (Mindtech rec)
Icicle - The Edge (feat. Metropolis) (Shogun Audio)
Agressor Bunx - Gravity (Santoku dub)
Maztek ñ Three Point Zero (Renegade Hardware)
Human Error -  On The Floor (Mindtech dub)
>>Audio - Foodchain (Ram records)
Doctrine - The Grudge (Radar rec)
Axi - Brainstorm (Dub)
Skynet - Disorder (Mindtech LTD dub)
Telekinesis - Jab (Blackout)
Spor - The Hole Where Your House Was (Sotto Voce)