Best of Eatbrain

With some seriously heavy releases incoming from the MethLab roster through the Eatbrain imprint from Signs and MachineCode (yes, you heard it right) we decided to take a look back at some of our favourite releases that this astonishing DnB label has put out to date. The artwork above is for Signs' forthcoming 'Naked Lunch' EP, and more news will follow for MachineCode's upcoming release. You can also hear a couple of the tracks from the Naked Lunch Ep in Jade's latest mix below at 00:00 (the intro) and 16:00.

Eatbrain got things properly rolling in 2011 when the Hungarian-based label got in to attention of the Neurofunk scene with its first release by father of Eatbrain - Jade - along with infamous Nz duo State Of Mind. This immediately garnered respect due to its unique sound concept which is unmistakably funky, with a strong Tech feel through well thought out production. During the next few years almost all of the most respected artists in the Neurofunk scene released through them, including BSE, Neonlight, Mefjus, Zombie Cats who were perfectly able to match the specific character of labels sound which is raw, uncompromising and darkly undead. In the last year Eatbrain evolved into visual experience with its eabrain nights taking place across the europe, with their distinctive branding and full-on party vibes. 2015 is set to be the year of Eatbrain, with the label is releasing one EP every month, with consistently deep quality.

Here are our top 10 track picks from the Eatbrain label, that we think represent fully its deep commitment to future aesthetics!

Originally released on Citrus Recordings, this belter from label boss Jade set a precursor for the tone Eatbrain - pulling no punches with this Techy roller, laced with Night of the Living Dead samples... just sick...

There's no mistaking the pure Eatbrain sound with this deeply well-produced track from Neurofunk's Russian brothers, the Teddy Killerz... essential

Strong future vibe with an unmistakable nostalgia for the oldskool, with entirely beautiful synth work - this track is as kinetik as they come

Disphonia showed they mean business with the brutal Tech beast, as heavily armoured as the track name suggests

Sparse but uncompromising, this killer track from Maztek foreshadowed the carefully balanced future funk lilt that's currently so prevolent

Epic in scope and with a deeply cutting drop, this collaboration between 2 of the Neurofunk scene's finest made some serious funk ripples 

Dementia and Rregula on fine form with this debut through their Zombie Cats moniker.. a release perfectly tailored for the Eatbrain label

Currently making appearances in mixes everywhere across the scene, deeply cutting funk and synth skids