MLR024 // Pythius

MLR024 // Pythius in the mix for MethLab radio.  Hylke Klazema AKA Pythius began playing drums at the age of eight and quickly learned that making music of his own is a lot more fun than just playing music of others. He played in several rock and metal bands and even tried Jazz and IDM crossovers. When he discovered the computer as a musical instrument, so was born his Pythius identity . To date he's played an impressive list of European shows, ranging from world renowned DnB nights such as BlackOut, as well as festivals like Gideon Eklektik Guys and Sziget . He's released on labels like Blackout NL, Rottun, Mind Trick, Rotation Deep Uk and Adapted and the time is ripe for a global Pythius takeover. Expect to Pythius a mix of dark and very hard rollers from the Neuro and Techstep genres.

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- What’s your DJ // Production name and which labels have you released on?

Hi, my name is Pythius and I’ve released on the following labels - Blackout Music, Rottun, Mindtrick Recordings and Rotation Deep UK (which was my first release on a compilation they did)

While your prominent style is pretty heavy, you’re unafraid to venture into deeper territory - is that an area you still want to explore?

Yeah, I actually did one, not so long ago - I can’t say where it’s coming out yet and if it’s coming out, but I hope so.. I mean I liked doing it again


- Your visual aesthetic has a very sci-fi feel, drawing heavily from Star Wars - can you say a few words about what you like about this, and why you pull from the style?

Well I guess I just like the feel of the Empire in specific, it has this majestic, Imperial grand feel and I dunno - it just really captivates me so, that’s kinda - that’s the reason why I’m integrating this with the things around my music


- Your latest release on Blackout was huge, and obviously very well received - but the sound also veers slightly into a more commercial sound than previously (this is not a criticism, and in the answer you don't have to refer to the 'commercial' sound) - can you tell me a little bit about your imagined future direction?

Well, the direction I was going on with my latest EP is one that I want to explore more and well, the new one I also have a tune that’s completely different actually - it’s really Techy and weird and haha, yeah I want to do that kind of stuff as well. I don’t want to stick to one thing, just explore more than the trancey or harder Neurofunk or Techstep, or whatever you want to call it. I’m just going to fuck around and see what kind of stuff comes out - that’s what it’s all about innit?


- How did the collaboration with the BSE guys come about?

Well I was working on the ‘Desert Sand’ tune when it was not called Desert Sand, when it was still in progress - I was working on it and I showed it to those guys and they really liked it, but then I got stuck with it. Then Micha (from BSE) said ‘hey do you want to finish this one together, because we really like it and you’re stuck with it so..’ and I thought that was a great idea, so we did that. I had most of the melody and the whole intro, and the way it dropped it was kind of the same. But when we worked together on it we really made it the tune it is now - finished it up, polished it and gave it the edge it needed.


- Tell us about future release plans

Well I’ve got a new EP on Blackout coming out, as well as some remixes and collabs - some of the stuff is in the mix for MethLab - so you should hear it there!
Pythius in the mix for MethLab radio.



MethLab Selection -

The Sect - Retger (Abducted LTD)

The Sect - Ulysses (The Sect Music)

L33 - Scream (Eatbrain)

Opsen & Primal Therapy - Dualism (Kosen)

Kutlo - Redzone (Ammunition Recordings)

Parallax - Toolbox

GUESTMIX - Pythius -

Telekinesis - Fight Club (Pythius Remix) [Blackout Dub] >> Neonlight & Wintermute - Influx [Blackout Dub]

Pythius - ??? [Blackout Dub]

Spor - Arms House [Sotto Voce]

Khronos - The Thing [Ammunition]

DC Breaks - Shaman VIP [Ram]

Pythius - BBT Wait And Bleed VIP [Dub]

Heamy & Asphexia - Digital Mayhem [Bad Taste]

InsideInfo & Prolix - Transposed [Viper]

Dimension - Whip Slap [MTA]

Pythius & Sinister Souls - Hustlin’ [Dub]

Trei - Empires [Technique]

Telekinesis - Bias [Blackout]

Pythius - Air Raid [Blackout]

Pythius - ??? [Blackout Dub]

June Miller - Bad Brains [Ram]

L 33 - Oscillation [Eatbrain Dub]

Noisia - Incessant [Vision]

Neonlight & Wintermute - Guinea Pig [Blackout Dub]

Mind Vortex - Underworld [Ram]

State Of Mind - Full Force [Eatbrain]

Pythius - Abandon [Blackout]

Audio - Foodchain - [Ram]

June Miller & Mefjus - Saus [Ram]

Synthakt - Tartaros [Culture Assault Dub]

FINAL TRACK - Nils Frahm - Less