Review // Monolog - Eversleep (Subtrakt)

MONOLOG takes a bold step forward with the ‘Eversleep’ EP, released through the consistently solid and sludge-laden ‘Subtrakt’ label, operating out of Berlin. Following releases on Ad Noiseam, Acroplane and Black Acre amongst others; the ‘Eversleep’ EP represents a considerable evolution and development in his sound

We live in an age of undeniable fascination of the future, with the progress of technology mercilessly changing the world around us. The resolution of our recorded media becomes evermore intensely packed with detail, both visually and sonically – enabling us to conjure vivid visions of possible futures. Monolog’s ‘Eversleep’ EP is just such a thing – a dystopian hallucination that creeps across the winter sun with the thick, pollution-laden clouds from industrial machinery. Thee word ‘Dystopian’ has been liberally applied to stripped down Berlin Techno, but this is the real deal – as alive and lived-on as the worlds conjured up by visionary directors such as Neil Blomkampf and Ridley Scott. His vorticism of synthesis and organic samples bring to life a unique futuristic junkyard, breathing human nature into an artificial construct of Dyson Sphere proportions.

The EP itself is also quite unusual, in that far from being a collection of unrelated ideas, within the space of the 6 tracks a journey is established. From the beautifully expansive and beatless intro ‘Fallen Ones’, moving into the staggering and oppressive behemoths ‘Feather Weights’ and ‘Sharpen Knives On My Intentions’, before picking up the pace with the collaborative piece ‘Squareroots’, a weighty piece of Tech in conjunction with Subtrakt // Subsistenz label boss Dean Rodell. The EP finishes with Monolog’s interpretation of DnB, which comes lurching from the speakers like an armoured complex mechanism barely containing its rage and shaking itself to pieces.


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