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Things are moving quickly for the Berlin DnB crew right now, with some seriously killer releases emerging from the depths of the city amongst cohorts Current Value, MachineCode, The Sect and Dean Rodell. Following some awesome experimentation in lower tempos, The Sect is back in full force with some deadly tracks imminently set for release and creeping onto the horizon. 09//02//2015 will see the release of TSMDIGI007 - 'Voltan' and 'UIysses', followed by 'Retger' and 'Glass Jaw' on Abducted LTD. A remix of Homeboy's track 'Ghost Protocol' is set from the rapidly blossoming 'Othercide' label, and the studio is working at full capacity - so expect more announceents soon! Check below for the release artwork and official words!


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The Sect – Ulysses/Voltan [TSMDIGI007]


A: Ulysses

Displaying our cultural (ahem)… ‘innocence’ by taking inspiration from ’80s TV animation ‘Ulysses 31‘ rather than other, more sophisticated source material, TSM returns from winter hibernation with this stripped back, neuro stepper.  Spacey, sci-fi pad work lends the intro a melancholic, dystopian air, before the drop comes and brings with it a pulsating, modulated bassline, which morphs and evolves throughout alongside aggressive synth and FX stabs.  Razor-sharp beats keep things nice, tight and rolling – we’ve been asked about this one a lot when we’ve played it out and that’s normally quite a good sign.

AA: Voltan

War drums in full effect as we go in again for Voltan – influenced heavily by our very first release as The Sect (back in 2003).  This track is a similarly high-octane, amen-fuelled affair, with arps and rave stabs coming to a crescendo before the snarling bass and breaks hit.  As you’d expect with roots being revisited, there are plenty of bleeps and edits for The Sect die-hards and it’s only slightly delayed due to us nearly supplying a final master with some of the sounds muted.  They’re back in now.

Cat No: TSMDIGI007

Release Date: Monday February 9th 2015

Clips of both tracks are in the top of the player on our Audio page, or check them out on Soundcloud (and follow us and stuff) by clicking here.

This release will be available from all the usual places, as well as from the new TSM Bandcamp Store.  Our digital back catalogue is online now, vinyl releases will be added soon.


The Sect – Retger / Glass Jaw [Abducted LTD]

"The Sect if one of the few Drum and Bass groups that has pioneered their own special unique sound, and have done it incredibly weel. Hailing from London, they have seen releases on prestigious labels such as Red Light Records, Offkey, Position Chrome, and their own imprint The Sect Music. Their attention to detail in their immaculate drum programming is amazingly matched by the very intriguing atmosphere and heavy driving pace of every track. One of the true pioneers of the technoid sound, and definitely one of ht emost influential groups in DnB history, you will want to make sure you check out this release from The Sect when it drops on Abducted LTD"


Current Value – Jef Bike / Traktion [TSMDIGI008]

More info forthcoming