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So it's finally dropped - the release that's taken the DnB scene by surprise and thrown the cat amongst the pleasantly bewildered pigeons. Current Value's significant step into a group of critically acclaimed and popular labels begins with his 'Binary Vol.4' EP out now and available to buy from Critical Music. A statement that says something both about the label itself, in its willingness to take the kind of bold steps required of a label of its pioneering attitude, and also the focus of Current Value's production - this is a producer who's made a conscious decision to take the scene by storm, and one who has the insane skills to enable it.

The release itself does not disappoint, with every track on the EP cutting its own unique path - there's very little derivative here. The standout tracks for us at MethLab are almost certainly Division 32, with its nervous and rapidly shifting synthwork, and Phaselock with its staggeringly deep drop comprised of pure and dense sub-bassweight. But this is just personal preference, and the other tracks on the EP are equally likely to stand out to other listeners. 'Dissonant' is perhaps one of the closest things to a roller that CV comes, with it's laid back bassline and repetitive vocal line that sounds like a sleazy broken speak n spell. 'Whiplash' also deserves praise for it's uber-cool bassline of pure flat sub, with a call-and-answer climb into the midrange every other phrase - it's certain to push some serious air on the right systems. Finally, 'Escalate' with another broken cyclic vocal against a background of pure squelch - the track truly comes into its own in the 2nd drop with its rave-mashing evolution in the bassline. 

Binary Vol.4 is out now and you can BUY IT HERE

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