Billain // FREE RELEASE & Music Video - 'Tetsuo's Redemption Remix'

BILLAIN does it again, opening up the singularity and tearing a new creation from the void, this time in collaboration with some truly mighty cohorts. Taking Koan Sound & Asa's track 'Tetsuo's Redemption' and focussing his full intensity on pulling it into a new and beautifully twisted form - his remix is a truly standout track that is destined to annihilate the dance for quite some time to come. 

But not only that, he has paired with a creator that we consider to be one of the truly brilliant visual alchemists alive to date, a man whose work speaks entirely for itself - Zan Lyons. Representing the fiercest attention to detail, and combining a deep respect for the original source material through this homage to the movie AKIRA.

The music video // mash-up contains flashing imagery and an epilepsy warning - so please take care.

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