MLR016 // War (Dispatch / Metnem)

MLR016 // War (Dispatch / Metnem)

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Associated Labels // Metnem - Dispatch - Blendits - DSCI4

Associated Producers // Hydro - Villem - Codex



- Tell us your Dj name and where you're from?
I'm War and I come from Montpellier, France

- Which labels have you released on to date?
I've had releases on Dispatch, Inside, Blendits, Demand, DSCI4 & Broken Audio amongst others.

- Which artists have you collaborated with?
So far I've had the chance to work with Hydro, Fields, Villem, M-Zine & Scepticz, Codex, Overlook, Pessimist as well as my geographically close friends Mateba and Sk4nZ.

- What's your relationship to Metnem?
I came into contact with the Codex guys through Soundcloud a while ago and we have been constantly sharing tunes ever since. I've always had a lot of support coming from these guys and had the chance to play for one of their parties in Belgrade last April. As they mentioned during their introduction on your show I have the honour to be an inspiration for starting their own imprint as well as the first release.

- Describe your audio aesthetic.
My sound is definitely very percussive and drum oriented. I started out by making the harder type of tunes but I've since constantly tried to improve the more melodic side of my tracks, even more so since I've been working with Hydro. I feel like I've recently come much closer to what I want to sound like and am very satisfied with my recent output.

- Tell us about upcoming releases and other plans relating to the War project?
I've got the Metnem release (7th Circle/Missing The Point) which is coming ASAP, another release coming soon on Mako's Utopia Music with Hydro and Mateba as well as a dubstep tune with Mateba called True which is forthcoming on vinyl on the new Deep Heads LP. There is also a label project that I've been helping Hydro with called Beyond. 



MethLab Selection -

Signs - Code Talk (Project 51)

Maztek& Disprove - Bad Body (Renegade Hardware)

Silent Witness - Mercury Rising (Triple Seed)

Silent Witness - Being Human (Invisible)

Billain - Tetsuo's Redemption (Owsla) - Video below //

The Sect - Charged (Subsistenz)


War Guestmix //

Hydro & War - ??? - dub

Sabre & Survival - Wiretrap - Renegade Hardware

Hydro & War - ??? - dub

Hydro & War - Film Noir - dub

Fields, Mako & Villem - ??? - dub

Spinline - Screwdrive - dub

War & Overlook - ??? - dub

Hydro, War & Mateba - ??? - dub

War - 7th Circle - Metnem

Jason oS - Clark Nova - Counter Intelligence

War - Invisible - dub

Overlook - ??? - dub



Nest - Kyoto