New Release // Signs - Headbolt & Code Talk - Project 51


Gridlok’s mighty US-based ‘Project 51’ imprint is back, and this time delivering the goods from an unmistakably rapidly rising force in the DnB scene – the French trio ‘SIGNS’. From their inception in 2014, Signs quickly gained momentum with releases on Optiv’s ‘Red Light Recordings’, C4C Recordings and Bad Taste Recordings. 2015 is picking up the pace in an altogether more intense way, with ‘Code Talk’ and ‘Headbolt’ being the first in a series of releases scheduled for Signs on imprints ranging from Eatbrain, Pirahna Pool and some even tastier surprises yet to be announced.

‘Headbolt’ is a cheeky amorphous creature built around a hook constructed in parts both equally oldschool and future. Signs go in heavy on the micro-production here with flurries of edits swarming around the central percussive synth that ravers will treat as a beacon of the track’s innate funk. The texturally beautiful breakdown shows sensitivity towards space and form, effectively launching the track back into the ring for a 2nd energetic round of pummelling.

'Code Talk’ opens in an oasis of calm with a deliciously warm sonic palette that drips with exotically ethnic flavours. A noticeable pause before the build-up to the first drop evokes a marketplace suddenly empty; save for a pair of rivals about to engage in a swordfight - the sound of birdsong and a stray plucked instrument tensely present in the early evening red heat. The heavy-hitting and heavily percussively-led stepper that follows is devastating. ‘Code Talk’ serves as an effective demonstration of the Signs trio’s ability to experiment mercilessly with the DnB format in a deeply evolutionary way within the context of each track, progressing without hesitation through a variety of fresh syncopation that will undeniably be tearing up dance-floors throughout the first part of 2015.


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