Alternative Media We Enjoyed in 2014

As a bit of a bonus in addition to our 'Best of 2014' series, we've decided to pick out some other things that we thought were great in the past year. So here's a selection of the games, films and random internet things that inspired and entertained us.

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Deru blew us away with his nostalgia-induced '1979' LP and audiovisual project. The man understands design.


Pilot Priest was brought to our attention for his incredible title sequences which manage to be both minimal and intense, with supercool understated sci-fi elements

Styleframes NYC / Opening Titles from TENDRIL on Vimeo.



Alien Isolation - possibly the most atmospheric game ever created. We're massive fans of the original film, and this is simply drenched in that vibe.


Beeple consistently entertained us with his relentless audiovisual experimentation

Transparent Machines™ from beeple on Vimeo.



This upcoming game from MethLab collaborator and genius XRA - his Memory of a Broken Dimension project has now been greenlit for Steam and will soon see the light of day :D


Hannibal Season 2 made us squirm under its psychologically intense and discomforting gaze.. 


Australia showes that they really know how to portray an apocalypse with These Final Hours


and also the more gritty and misanthropic Aus film The Rover


and last but not least - through this Trailer for Mad Max // Fury Road...  Jeez Australia, from whence comes the bleakness?! :D


The Walking Dead finally became consistently enjoyable


Imperfect but ultimately creative - not for everyone but had lovable elements if you can put aside a portion of disbelief - Snowpiercer


The BBC's Human Universe documentary inspired and amazed

Watch Human Universe S01E05 - What is our Future? by costello74