Pt.4 MethLab // Best of 2014

We wish a most awesome New Year's celebration to all of you and want to thank you for being a part of MethLab and supporting our artists over the 3rd year of our existence. Every year takes the roster further to their deserved places in the scene and we are very pleased that you guys believe in them as much as we do. For the final part of our best of series, we've picked out what we think are some of the best tracks from our roster over the past year, as well as a selection of a few choice picks from outside the roster. There's so much music out there that we love, so we wanted to focus on perhaps some of the artists that not everyone is familiar with for that section.

So here we go //




Koan Sound & Asa - Tetsuo's Redemption (Billain Remix) // Owsla

It's a difficult decision between this and Autonomous, because the latter was so experimental and forward-thinking, while this fresh as hell remix from Billain does the business in tearing a new reality. In the end, as Autonomous is already featured in The Sect's favourites list, we decided to go for this one. Totally beautiful and intro followed by the most raging of drops; this is truly one of this generation's masters at work. 


Broken Note - Descent // Ad Noiseam

His considered schedule of releases results in a really fresh result every time he puts something out. We've been opening plenty of sets with this half-step beast, that evolves into something of an entirely more kinetik creature in the second half. Broken Note displaying his mighty prowess in truly destructive fashion.


Signs - Plasma // C4C Recordings

It was this track that brought Signs to our attention, with both a deeply rolling beat and verging on Noisia-esque synthesis. This got dropped plenty this year!


MachineCode (feat.Mc Coppa) - Urban Drum // Ad Noiseam

With their 'Samurai' LP, MachineCode demonstrated once again the depth and range of their production abilities - sounding like a mutated hybrid of Dub Phizix and the techiness of MachineCode that we know and love, this track is exquisitely made; driven by the standardly awesome vocals of MC Coppa.



Cause4Concern - Ricochet // C4C Recordings

Coming as one of the fresh and new tracks on their 'Back To The Future VOl.1' release; it both reaches to their future roots in terms and the future simultaneously. A chugging monster of tune that always gets the dance rolling.


The Sect - Oxidize (Allied Remix) // MethLab

The first of a free release series that you'll see more of in 2015, we had to put this futuristic beast out. Broken acid wraps itself around the polluted bassline, altogether inspiring visions of the truly dystopian rave.


Gore Tech - Hammers of Blasphemy // PRSPCT RVLT

The sound of a producer coming into his own and unleashing a sound very worthy of the PRSPCT banner. Guaranteed to tear every raver a new one...


VHS Head - _lect__city // Skam

His 'Persistence of Vision' LP was one of our favourite albums of the year, and this incredibly produced track demonstrates effectively why... starting starkly funky, and developing into a stripped down stepper with bleak 80's neon horror undertones.

Disphonia - Warbunker // Eatbrain

The Greek Neuro duo took up their place on one of the year's most searing labels, 'Eatbrain', with this tank of a track that simply churns up everything in its path. The nostalgic vocal that evokes the neon-tinged retro-futuristic cityscapes of 1980's dystopia. We're hoping that 'Warbunker' will be heralding the vision Disphonia have for their future releases!


Current Value - Madre De Dios // Therapy Sessions Recordings

Searing across your ears (and chest if you're in front of bassbins) like an unstoppable tidal force, Current Value effectively combines components from the heavier end of his spectrum along with elements of MachineCode.. the pitched vocal and the devastating reece are what win us over.


Dean Rodell - Dissonance // Subsistenz

The other half of MachineCode saw a strong return to production in the latter half of 2014, with his collaboration with The Sect 'Set It Free' for TSM being our other contender (but Gore Tech already picked it, so we went with this). The delicate but urgent piano, set against the the quick-moving, warped wall of distortion and true 'eye of the storm' breakdown and even more relentless 2nd drop; reflects perfectly the producer we love.


The Sect - Xylem // Subtrakt

A staple of various car journeys across central Europe, this slower track from The Sect retains all of their Technical nature, like the gears of an intricate mechanism beautifully constructing a magnificent vessel.


Collage Noir - Melhesedek (Flint Kids Remix)

In our opinion, Flint Kids at their finest. An carefully balanced percussive structure and melody that conjures Amon Tobin's 'Foley Room', punctuated by a vocal equal parts beautiful and haunting.





Maztek & Disprove - Bad Body // Renegade Hardware

Basically... wow - this tune is HUGE! Disprove and Maztek merge in a truly righteous marriage of skills - both deeply talented producers in their own rights. Maztek is tried, tested and quite rightfully adored - but Disprove; this also knows what he's doing and the man has a stack of truly great releases waiting to see the light of day. EXCITE!


Silent Witness - Ice Pipe // Triple Seed

Recently coming to our attention as a result of his 'Being Human' release on Invisible, his production has really impressed us - an entirely clean Tech sound with precisely moulded distortion. Ice Pipe may seem minimal but placed on the right system its bassline will tear right through the crowd.


Steelan - Plethora // NFG

Oh my word, where the hell did he come from? Landing in the scene like a probe falling from the sky and standing quietly monolithic in our greatest city; this guy clearly has a vision. This was the track that caught our attention, and I think everyone knows that he's destined for great things.


Clark - Superscope // Warp Records

Heavy Techno business from a man we consider right up there with Aphex and Squarepusher, but who actually might be even more consistent in his relentless experimentation than those towering figures. 'Superscope' was definitely one of our favourite releases in 2014, nice one Warp.


War - Missing The Point // Metnem

Ok, so it's not out yet.. but who cares, we heard it in 2014 and it blew us away. Stripped down and deeply fucking delightful, War's sound is a unique hybrid of a Techy structure combined with a more organic sound, and totally stripped down to the point of the pure idea. War is kicking off one of the most exciting labels to set to appear in 2015, Metnem. Big up to all of them! 


Woulg - Silver Shrapnel // Terra Null

An early appearance in the year from Woulg, a deeply talented experimental producer who decided to put on his DnB shoes and go for a stroll through the delightfully complex interior of his brain. Totally stunning.


Rob Clouth - Islands of Glass // Leisure System

We can't post this one because it's nore available to embed from anywhere, but it has to be included. The sound design here is incredible, with some deeply fascinating psychoacoustics going on with the sub and mid-range frequencies. This track will change your life.

Listen here -


Disprove - No Silence // Ammunition Recordings

Another belter from Disprove, with the man showing who's boss in this utterly scything track. Welcome to the Techrave.


Akkord - Hex_ad // Houndstooth

Restrained to the nth degree, the bass appears to be pulling at the track's seams, with its minimally syncopated percussion funkily pulling the listener through progressively widening stereo corridors that drop off into recompressed funnels. Understated Tech ftw.


Skew & Satirist - Morphogenesis // KilleKill

Whenever there's a chance to play Techno.. just.. can't... stop... dropping.. thiiiis......