MethLab Mix Series // Vaetxh - Rob Clouth

The next part in our Summer mix series comes from Vaetxh - in our opinion, one of MethLab's most talented producers and creative minds. Vaetxh aka Rob Clouth has  a small track record of releases so far, but counts Richard Devine and Loops Haunt amongst his fans. And quite rightfully so - with each of his tracks being a collage of unique and original sound design, threaded with heartachingly beautiful and broken melodies. It's a rare thing to find a producer who goes into such intricate levels of detail with his sound design, and yet retains a strong sense of melody, composition and structure - but Vaetxh is one of those artists. The last year saw his profile raised with the excellent Cloud Complex release, which gathered wide acclaim and was supported with a remix by Techno legend Max Cooper. This short mix is a slice of Rob's current direction - beautiful, complex and devastating. 

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