PT.2 MethLab // Best Of 2014

A fraction further towards the arbitrary solar cycle point that designates the new number, 2015 - and with it we offer another slice of insight into the inspirations of our artists. Scroll down to find another batch of the MethLab roster and affiliated artists' top 5 tracks!!

This is PART 2 (CLICK FOR PART 1 and PART 3)

2014 favourites for // Cause4Concern - Billain - Gore Tech - Audeka


CAUSE4CONCERN                                  //




1. Boddika & Joy Orbison - In Here

The latest excursion on there mystical label SunkLo, 'I'm Here' cements the duo’s constant involvement in pushing sound & arrangement with deadly accuracy "Masterpiece"


2. Dusty Corners - Brick (feat. Hermes)

French talent, Hoel alongside his partner Karl Klaus are back under there guise 'Dusty Corners' to create this sonic assaultGhostly vocal snippets, eerie sound FX, syncopated yet groove-filled beats and synths that feel as if you're caught up in a warm wet pussy 'Meow'!!


3. Peverelist 'Aztec Chant (Tessela Remix)

Tessela tweak on Pev's 'Aztec Chant' gives us a tenser intro before giving way to a barrelling breakbeat techno monster galvanized with some vicious electronics. Dance floor destroyer imminent, 'All hail Tessela has spoken'!!


4. Webstarr - Aegrus (Chevel Remix)

Hull's Webstarr is yet another UK producer who has really caught my attention this year, Chevel seizes on that quality for his unusual remix. He pulls the track back to its roots and leaves the drums to somersault in mid-air, while the central melody holds everything in its orbit. 'uNDERGROUND bEATZ'.

5. The Exaltics -Ten Days - Sync 24 Remix

Remix duties from 'Sync 24' who bring to the table this rolling electro assault, fast paced acid riff with razor sharp breaks, add to that a catchy riff with retro pads & you'll be busting out the lino to practice your windmills in no time 'Essential purchase'


BILLAIN                                           //





1. Rob Clouth - Clockwork Atom

Lots of things are melodicaly perfectly executed here, also followed by nice selection of sound design layers and a futuristic mood, in a closed circle of progression where the end meets the beggining of the track.


2. Ulterior Motive - Gods Neighbours (ft. Will Manning)

James and Greg created a very precise Metalheadz signature mood here, adding their contribution to the timeless SciFi novels of the oldschool DnB style with a refined production manner.


3. Aphex Twin - minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]

It is good to hear an old audio companion after 13 years. Richard has always been another name in electronic music that represents progress and experimentation.


4. Overlook - Everything Counts

I discovered this track in promotion of Blocks & Escher's appearance at Critical Sound in Fabric RM2 on Friday 7th March mix. The dark and atmospheric smart arrangement where every sample quality counts to make this track very smart.


5. Hybris - Night Boss

Great track. I dont know what I  like here, but I believe it is the simplicity of the darkness and the way it's so nicely executed.


GORE TECH                                            //




1. Dub Phizix and Strategy - Buffalo Charge ( Senka Sonic Recordings) 

Wouldn't be much of a list with out this pair of Mancunian mad bastards taking humor and balls to the next level, great drum work, simple and effective beats with complex vocal work. I use alot of Dub Phizix music in my live sets as it's super clean and perfect for mashing up with more industrial music. 

2. Machine Code  - "It's Time" ( Ad Noiseam) 

Well....What can I say, possibly the best way to start an album ever, the album being Samurai released this year on Ad Noiseam We've had this on in the car whilst en-route to a couple of shows this year, and seeing Dean Rodell open up his set at Machinefest with this track was unholy! the whole album kicks ass but this opening track sets the tone for me, 

3. Andy Stott - "Damage" (Modern Love) 

My first trip into Manchester when I returned from living in Germany for over a year, I walked into Piccadilly Records and this was playing on the big sound system they have in there, I rushed straight up to the counter and demanded to know what this was, I then bought the double 12" it's got the perfect saturated bass kick, heavy and dark, it reminded me of early DHR releases, Also Andy being a Manchester local shows there is still so muhc great music coming from this city. Taken from his album faith in strangers released on Modern Love Recordings.

4. Ufomammut - "Oroborus" (Supernatural Cat) 

Originally released in 2012 as part of a full album (Oro Opus Alter) I became aware of this band in 2014. on account of it's heavy doom, industrial and synth laden mayhem. it's a track that when you think it's got to it's point of terminal heavy in kicks another layer of guitar tone culminating in one of THE heaviest riffs of all time, awesome psychedelic entrancing pieces of music to grace my music collection, Fun fact, don't play this in the Meth-mobile at night if Jef is attempting to navigate Brno's ring roads as the heaviness nearly caused a fatal crash due to the inability to operate heavy machinery when this is on full blast, We regret nothing.   

5. The Sect & Dean Rodell - "Set It Free" (The Sect Music)

Having spent an unhealthy amount of time with these two southern expats I was able to check alot of this style of drum and bass out, in Subland and on tour, this is for me the perfect drum and bass track, it's got weight and power and it just seems to rumble on any soundsystem,great work from these two. I played this and the Machine code tracks in a small Berlin section of the Methlab Radio Show (MLR12) along side a couple of tracks of a similar vein for those interested. This track is taken from the digital release on TSM Blacklight / Set it free available now.  


AUDEKA                                           //




1. Disprove, Teknian & Ordure – Lockheed

The heavy metal of electronic music. Gets us pumped every time we listen to it. All the bass synths have been tastefully distorted, and the mix down is very bouncy and crunchy!


2. Rawtekk – Snowflakes  (Ambient Version)

Wonderful representation of the ideal ‘snowflake’ picture. We listened to this while snow was falling during a road trip, and it was absolutely incredible. The synths and vocals sound like snowflakes.


3. Slum Village – Fall In Love (Moody Good Remix)

A great combination of colorful synths and dark ripping bass design. The mood is both emotional and powerful, and is overall very satisfying to listen to.


4. Frequent – Intangible (Steelan Remix)

Steelan did a great job with maximizing the three dimensional box of audio mixing. All areas of the spectrum are filled up beautifully, the textures and ambience against the deeper basses throughout the track is very enjoyable to listen to.


5. Grynpyret – Easy Bean

Perfect Monday music. This tune puts us in a very happy mood. The melodic content is very cartoonish and the mix down is very well done. Hope Grypyret keeps making music like this! It's very fun to listen to!