New Artist // Plaster (Kvitnu / Stroboscopic Artefacts)

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Our aim with MethLab is to represent electronic music across multiple genres, with our most important thread being that the artists we support all relentlessly experiment and push the boundaries of their respective styles. It is in their nature to experiment and to play with all of the possibilities that music affords the creators. So that we now have a remarkable experimental Techno due in the form of Italian bred 'Plaster' on our roster gives us deep pleasure. With 2 of their tracks appearing on the highly influential and meticulously constructed Stroboscopic Artefacts label within their 'Stellate' series, and a further upcoming dedicated release on the 'Monad' series (previously featuring Kangding Ray, Lucy and Tommy Four Seven); Plaster represent one of the acts at the forefront of darkly experimental and textural Techno and Ambient music. Their rapid rise has just begun, and you can expect to see them at shows and festivals around Europe in the coming years.