MLR009 // Steelan


This week's MethLab mix was a special beast indeed, with a guestmix from the mysterious and deeply able, Neuro-inclined STEELAN taking helm on the 1's and 2's. This producer and sound designer has landed and quickly made waves in the last year, with his 'Plethora' competition entry for the NeuroFunkGrid and his Sensoria concept mix gaining him attention across the scene. His first release is now available through NFG - check below for the Bandcamp link.

The other part of the show was co-curated by MethLab and Aethek - the alter ego in the shadows of Billain.



Pansonic - Hades

Mindbuffer - Ghost In The Shell

Datach'i - Intercoursing

Pfirter - Materia

Dusty Fungus - Exhumed Dialects of The Forgotten

Si Begg - When He Turned Around It Was Gone





01- Noisia - Shaking hands // Teddy Killerz - Bronson [STEELAN MASHUP]
02- Teddy Killerz - Bronson [STEELAN EDIT]
03- Teddy Killerz - Bronson // Audeka - Pursuit [STEELAN MASHUP]
04- Rawtekk - No more vaccine (Mefjus Remix) [STEELAN EDIT]
05- Rawtekk - No more vaccine (Mefjus Remix) // Audeka - Mondus [STEELAN MASHUP]
06- Octane and DLR - Turn over the page // Disprove - Frqncs [STEELAN MASHUP]
07- Octane and DLR - Turn over the page // Audeka - Peat Bog [STEELAN MASHUP]
08- Audeka - Peat Bog // ill-esha - Crossroads (Buku remix) [STEELAN MASHUP]
09- Billain - Conflicted [STEELAN EDIT]
10- Billain - Conflicted // Disprove - Daglock [STEELAN MASHUP]
11- Kursa - Rol // Emperor - Soundboy [STEELAN MASHUP]
12- Musemesis - Arise (DFNKT remix) // Flint Kids - Sancerre [STEELAN MASHUP]
13- Musemesis - Arise (DFNKT remix) [STEELAN EDIT]
14- Habstrakt - Ressurect [STEELAN EDIT]
15- Sorrow - Patchwerk [STEELAN EDIT]
16- Benin City - Long way home (Epoch Remix) [STEELAN EDIT]


Boards of Canada - Reach For The Dead