MLR008 // Deathmachine



Billain - Conflicted (Critical Music)
Steelan - Plethora (Forthcoming NFG)
Cause4Concern - Phatcap Remastered (Forthcoming C4C Recordings)


GUESTMIX - Deathmachine (Bio beneath the mix - for bookings and more info //

Hybris - Timeloop
I Am Legion - Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz remix)
Mefjus - Suicide Bassline
Hybris - Garbage Truck
Evol Intent & Eye-D - Jim Skynner
The Outside Agency - Enlightened Species
Machine Code & Counterstrike - Barebones
Meander - Another Monster
The Limewax - Arsch Noisyum
Traffik - Incriminating Evidence (Deathmachine remix)
Switch Technique & Cooh - Iron Factory
Deathmachine - TBA
N-Vitral & Deathmachine - Time To Meet The Devil


Tapage - Three of Eight (Ad Noiseam)

Deathmachine has been actively involved in the underground Hardcore scene since 1998. He started out like most people by going to raves around the UK. After falling in love with Hardcore Techno and dancing away at raves during the mid-90’s, he soon wanted to connect further with the music. He started DJ’ing and after a year secured his “first gig” in Scotland at “The Underground”, run by Simon Underground. After that, he worked his way through the ranks playing around the UK, and has now played at nearly every major Hardcore Techno event in the country.

The next step on from DJ’ing was production. Stef started dabbling in production around 2000 and (with the help and tuition of DJ Traffik) released his first track on Corrupt records in 2001. The next few years were spent developing and experimenting but soon more tracks followed, including notable releases on the iconic Rebelscum and Deathchant labels. His early productions were focused on futuristic Hardcore Techno which incorporated breakbeats (the now typically defined UK sound). Soon, a connection was made with The Dj Producer who supported Deathmachine’s sound greatly, and eventually they worked together on various releases which included the very successful track “Pixelshifter” on Rebelscum.

Around 2009, the emerging Crossbreed sound grabbed his attention. Always a lover of DnB, and a history of trying to fuse his Hardcore with breakbeats and D’n’B, meant that this style was just a natural progression. He began writing Crossbreed tracks and found great inspiration and newfound ideas as a result. Recognition and support from The Outside Agency lead to 2 very successful solo releases on Genosha One Seven Five proving his position at the forefront of Crossbreed. Deathmachine has also worked with Switch Technique (Union Recordings) and Forbidden Society (Forbidden Society Recordings) both on solo and collaborative projects which were also well received. This connection with D’n’B will only strengthen in the future – watch this space! Other releases and remixes have appeared on The Third Movement, Industrial Strength Records, Pacemaker and many more.

Always active in the studio, his focus is on creating powerful genre-pushing (but still of course danceable) music that engages the listener on a number of levels. At this time (start of 2013) there are forthcoming releases on Rebelscum (2 collaborations with The Dj Producer), Nekrolog1k Recordings, Future Sickness and more yet to be announced. Deathmachine is currently working on his first solo album which will represent every dimension of Hardcore Techno that he knows and loves. His background in underground Hardcore along with his new work in the direction of Crossbreed and D’n’B results in great diversity both in the studio and in the clubs.

Deathmachine has played in many countries around Europe (Holland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy), at many large events (Dominator Festival (NL), Defqon Festival (NL), Boomtown Festival (UK), Therapy Sessions (various), Astropolis Festival (FR), Maxipulse (FR), Nightmare Outdoor Festival (NL)). With over 15 years experience and a wide stylistic taste, a hard intense musical experience is guaranteed whenever he plays. He is equally comfortable playing at a Hardcore event or a D’n’B event…or any event that plays music your parents would hate .

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