MLR006 // Audeka

MLR006 // AUDEKA (Caliber Music) - USA 

Audeka are a music production trio with members Marty Cepeda, Max Cepeda, and Skyler Gerdeman. They 'try and paint a picture with every production and express ideas that cannot be expressed with words'.

We picked them as part of the MethLab radio series because of their clearly incredible ability to manipulate sound, as well as their great depth of sensitivity to sonic textures.. all while creating something that would clearly work incredibly at the dance - this mix is something special!

To more info about Audeka, find them on Facebook HERE and their Soundcloud HERE


Various Production - OPUS
Fre4knc - Spitfire (Forthcoming Invisible)
Mefjus - Continuous (Out now on Critical)
Kung - Flux State (Forthcoming Eatbrain)

DET - Shadow (Audeka Remix) (Caliber Music Dub)
Audeka - Artificial Intelligence (Caliber Music)
Rawtekk - Working Man (Medschool)
Audeka - Peat Bog (Underslung Audio)
Noisia - Headknot (Vision) 
Audeka - Mondus (Dub)
Think Twice - Rollout (Free Download)
Audeka - Archdemon (Lost Souls LP Dub)
Kursa - Unknow (Bandcamp Release)
Disprove - Heavily Influenced Bassline Skit (Dub)
Audeka - Ancestral Call (Lost Souls LP Dub)
Teknian, Disprove, Ordure - Lockheed (Inspected)
Signs - Indigo (Cause for Concern) 
Disprove - Negative Dots (Dub)

Plaster - Intersection (Out now on Kvitnu)