MLR005 // Disphonia


MLR005 brings DISPHONIA to the mix

Disphonia is a Greek-based production/dj duo formed by Kostas Nomikos and George Roubinis. Back in 2006 they discovered that they both share the same genuine passion for Drum & Bass and have a mutual love for creating tech-influenced sounds, raw and gritty bass-lines and deep soundscapes. Their main aim since then has been to strive to produce an ever-excelling output of fresh material. Being a part of the Funxion Crew - a local event promoting and dj collective - they played a key role in presenting some of most established d&b acts to the Athens scene.  During the past ten years Disphonia have performed with artists such as Optiv, Gridlok, BSE, Noisia and Calyx&Teebee, to name a few.

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SIGNS - Dusk to Dawn (Free Download from their Soundcloud HERE)
HYBRIS - Timeloop
NEOSIGNAL - Vostok (Forthcoming Division Recordings)

Interview //


1.Hybris-Night Boss 

2.Ulterior Motive-M.I.R


3.June Miller-Operation Ivy

>>Zombie Cats - Life after Death ft Kryptomedic 


5.Hybris-Garbage Truck (Misanthrop remix)

6.Mefjus & Inside.Info- Blunt

7.Nickbee-Third Entity

8.Disphonia&Camelorg-Commit (Myselor remix )

 9.L 33 - Melt

10.Culture Shock-Troglodyte

11.The Prototypes-Humanoid

12.Tantrum Deside- Nightmare 

13.Mind Vortex- Gravity 

14.State of Mind & Chris.Su- Above Earth

15.Ed Rush-Scarabs

16.Neonlight-Heavy Bettie

17.Disphonia -War Bunker

18.State of Mind & Black Sun Empire-Long Time Dead (ft Codebreaker)



21.TR Tactics-Gloom

>>Cyantific-Ice Cream(Vanilla mix)

22.State of Mind-Long Term Effect

23.Prolix -Freeze Frame(Black Sun Empire remix)

24.Mob Tactics-Grinder

25Chris.Su-Underground Culture (ft Kryptomedic)

26Prolix & Mob Tactics-Transmission

LAST TRACK  // Jacaszek - Pod Swiatlo