Various Production Join MethLab

It's with immense joy that we announce the latest addition to the experimental side of our roster in the form of Various Production. These guys have been creating consistently genre-defying music for more than a decade, and can boast collaborations with the likes of Thom Yorke and M.I.A. amongst a host of other high profile popular artists - but each time bring their unique and strongly experimental flavour to the output. We are now preparing to take bookings for an extended tour running through 2015, punctuated by new forthcoming releases from the Various collective. They will be both showcasing exclusive material from their label, alongside some surprises that we'll announce during the next year. Check their full bio below and head over to their new profile page here.

Various Production are a dynamic entity that have perpetually been hovering around the borders of being extremely renowned, but whose reclusivity and unusual tastes has kept them so far slightly obscured. Difficult to define or categorise, they relentlessly delve into new territories with the flavours of their various members shining through at different points. Operating as both a record label and an artistic collective, their changing structure dynamically adjusts in boundary-breaking ways. 

Their origins lay in the desire to create an imprint that released diverse music, rather than the more typical format of strict genre boundaries that was most often the case at the time.  After a number of years defining their sound and a few physical releases in the early 2000's, their early work culminated in being signed to the might XL Recordings and releasing their debut album 'The World Is Gone'. Critically acclaimed for it's diverse approach and intensely well developed sound design; this release led to collaborations with the likes of Thom Yorke, DJ Shadow, Lauren Pritchard, M.I.A., Jonquil, Missy Eliot, Adele and the Virus Syndicate amongst others - often bringing their unique style to create incredible distortions and re-interpretations of the material of their collaborators.

Following some years of solid studio work and plenty of beautifully constructed EPs, the Various Production outfit is set to re-emerge in a big way in 2015. They are available for events to showcase their exclusive live material from the label, in the lead up to some very significant releases in 2015. Dedicated to the art of constant experimentation, their sound remains as fresh as ever.