Cause4Concern // Back To The Future Vol.1



Beatport Exc:10th Nov 2014 
Full Release: 24th Nov

The consistenty relevant CAUSE4CONCERN deliver a payload of 12 tracks, cutting a deep slice into their prolific history and demonstrating their continual position on the cutting edge of DnB. With a selection of older and reinvigorated tracks spanning as far back as 1999; all of which can quite easily find their place in the dance today. The newer tracks 'Ricochet' and 'Freeze Frame' serve to accurately show where C4C are at this minute, but for us it's the earliest of the bunch 'Phatcap' which really puts the boot in.

C4C have been making some serious moves this last year, with their C4C Recordings label on perhaps its finest form in the run up to their 15th anniversary. In their lifespan, C4C have accrued an impressive backcatalogue of their heavy-hitting Tech-oriented tracks - and with their anniversary looming, they have decided to remaster and re-release their entire backcatalogue digitally. This means that their older tracks, still so rich in character and flavour; have been revitalised and can sit beautifully alongside more recently released tracks as a result of the remastering.

You can listen to clips below and check the official press release, as well as some footage of C4C churning the dance in Kiev's most open air venue. 




Official Press Release //

Veteran, pioneering tech-step and neurofunk outfit Cause4Concern announce their long awaited and overdue return to action with the first in a series of banging compilation albums - Back to the Future Volume 1. 

Having featured on releases in ‘remixed by’ form since 2012, the production partnership of Optiv, CZA and Stuart Perkins have cooked up two new exclusive numbers and teamed them with ten re-mastered favourites from their back catalogue. This first volume is brilliant in its conception and ever better in its execution. It is music that transcends genre, that transcends time, space and reality, in short this is an essential bundle of C4C tunes for DJs and armchair fans alike. 

As you would expect from a C4C release, the tunes all combine the experimental with the dancefloor ready. It’s a collection of exploratory uptempo fare that works as well in the armchair as it does on the dancefloor in true trademark C4C style. Their often imitated but never bettered bassline science – the sound of which has spawned legions of copycat producers the world over – is still as healthy and fresh as it has ever been, as evidence on tunes like opening new number Richochet, a track that combines utterly captivating reese bass work, with speedy, funk indebted, live sounding breakbeats and a classic techstep feel, or the tribal, vocal riddled flex of the unreal Gas Chamber, a number that brings classic dark flavours up to date in a bubbling pot of saturated madness. 

One of the main things that sets C4C apart from their peers working within DnB and other electronic music genres is the attention to detail given to all aspects of their production. The breakdowns are diligently assembled with esoteric noises and sounds that bring to mind both organic and inorganic sound sources, the introductions are cinematic in scope, the bodies contain sounds and ideas that seemed beamed directly in from outta space. Tunes such as Motion Sickness feature alien noises and ideas that could only have come from the brains of C4C, at points sounding as if the production partnership has created homespun Star Trek instruments that no one else on earth owns. 

Obviously given the specific sub-genre they work in, it is a given that their textural work and brute force physicality were always going to play a major part in any collection of tunes under the C4C banner, yet the trio aren’t afraid to employ melodic sensibilities as dancefloor weaponry alongside the ripping bass work and rolling drums. Moongerm utilises Virus-style melodies in both the intro and main body of the tune to great effect. The album also features highly, evolved experimental numbers that set the tone of what DnB in the future will sound like, with tunes like the fiercely, futuristic triplet grid chops of 'I Called U' combining some of the slickest basslines you will ever hear with idiosyncratic beats, dread infused atmospherics and bitter sweet vocal pads. Beyond numbers features barmy, techy modulated synth work with a drumbeat that brings a massive smile to your face. 

The sci-fi vibes that are established from the off are particularly prominent on the weirdly brilliant Luca where old-school cyberpunk arpeggios- that sound like a 1950s spaceship talking to itself - wrap themselves into C4C’s quirky, unique sound in fine style, whilst the retro, fantastical, old school drum machine bounce of Phatcap marks the tune out as one of the most out there and brilliantly conceived DnB tunes released in the last decade. Just like C4C this first volume is brilliant in its conception and ever better in its execution. It is music that transcends genre, that transcends time, space and reality, in short this is an essential bundle of C4C tunes for DJs and armchair fans alike.