Silent Witness is a producer lodged deep within the vertebrae of Drum and Bass culture, with his releases stemming back in time to 2002 and painting a consistent technological streak across the landscape of the scene. Without a doubt he was one of the pioneers of early Neurofunk alongside fellow MethLab artist Cause4Concern - cutting a deeply original path and deeply contributing to the formation of the absolute behemoth that the sub-genre has become today. But whilst being a formative member of the movement, his personal presence is reflective of his name - with him dwelling in the shadows of the scene, throwing out razor sharp releases into the fray from a distance; each of which demonstrate a masterful understanding of synthesis and funk that effectively controls the dance.

To date he's had prominents releases on highly respected labels such as Commercial Suicide, on Critical Music, Metalheadz and Quarantine; but the majority of his releases to date have been on the consistently forward-thinking Dispatch Recordings, and his own Triple Seed imprint - which scores exceptionally highly in the Beatport top-selling DnB label ranking. His collaborators past and present include artists such as Kulte,Prolix and Break - a reflection of the consistently high standard of his production. With his recent release on Noisia's Invisible Recordings, and a number of planned releases in the pipeline, 2015 is the year that Silent Witness steps from the shadows and takes his rightful place in the Dance.

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