MACHINECODE emerged from deep within the framework of reality, flickering into existence and twisting together the fibers of 2 of the sonic realm’s most effective algorithms – Current Value & Dean Rodell. A new sentient form awakened, combining attitudes of progression and precision and driving the MachineCode project to the cusp of the future. It’s there they reside, probing the void with cold sensors and a singular purpose to extract of only the purest unmanifested audio archetypes from the digital universe.

The duo have released 4 full length LPs on Subsistenz and Ad Noiseam, including SAMURAI, VELOCITY, UNDER THE SUN and ENVIRONMENTS along with an array of EPs and singles expressing a diverse but thoroughly tech agenda. MachineCode have collaborated to date with artists including Disprove, Allied, Lockjaw and Counterstrike, delivering remarkable sonic unions perfect for pulverizing dancefloors.

MachineCode continue to release on their homegrown SUBSISTENZ Imprint, as well as releasing on parts 1 & 2 of the METHLAB series on BAD TASTE RECORDINGS. Most significantly though - 2015 saw them release the TERRAFORM EP on EATBRAIN, marking the beginning of a new relationship with one of neurofunk’s most prominent labels and the announcement of a LP set to land on the label in 2016. 

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