Kursa, born in South London, entered in to this world through the Acid Techno squat scene via his father. Currently picked as an artist in ‘incubation’ by Chase & Status’ acclaimed MTA Records, following the release of his track ‘Unaware’ through the label – this is an artist to watch in 2015.

Surrounding himself with music from labels like Ninja Tune, and artists such as The Prodigy and Aphex Twin distilled a deep love of diversity and an unstoppable desire to experiment with sound. From the age of 13, he started to dabble with production software with Reason and Fruity Loops, manipulating breaks to make tunes entirely out of drums, before eventually moving onto Logic, which brought synthesis into the equation and then finally Ableton; which enabled easier recording of everything live. The sonic momentum that this gave to every element, and the introduction of randomness and chaos brought with it an undeniable richness in character, resulting in Kursa’s incredibly kinetic and varied sound.

Kursa produces a range of different styles, at multiple tempos; forever trying to forget genres and just make sounds that make him smile and move. He’s available either to play individually or as part of the Kursa // Lone Drum (K.L.O.) live scratch project.

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