GORE TECH is the electronic music production and sound design project of Gore Flett. Hailing originally from Manchester, UK, GORE TECH has now settled in Berlin Germany. Focusing on cross genre styles of Doom, Dub, Jungle, Breakcore, Hardcore, all fused with intense heavy metal time signatures and subsonic bass feeds. Influenced by the early days of breakcore, UK Drum and Bass, and a bleak overwhelming love of all things cyber-punk and dystopian.

From Scandinavia to the Middle East, GORE TECH has spent the last year playing a fierce string of shows from all spectrum’s of the alternative music scene from all out dystopian free parties in abandoned bunkers in Beirut, Lebanon, to playing support slots for the likes of Anaal Nathraakh on the big stage Death metal scene of Birmingham,UK and London's notorious Bang Face event alongside Broken Note. His numerous festival appearances include Belgium's Tribes Gathering to Sweden's prestigious electronic arts festival in Norberg. His characteristic live set brings incredible energy with dynamic mashing and mangling of his own material along with artists he favours.

2014 saw GORE TECH starting work on his new album, but still he managed to find time to fit in his first release on PRSPCT 'Hammers of Blasphemy', a heavy collaboration with Bong-Ra and Author & Punisher on End.User's Sonic Terror imprint as well a heavy slow piece for MachineCode's STEMS LP. The announcement of his collaboration with one of Death Metal's most notorious acts, Anaal Nathrakh has also been announced.

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