Since exploding onto the scene in 2008, Broken Note have followed a path of unrelenting sonic carnage across the globe and cemented their uniquely heavy sound as an iconic mark on electronic music today.

Broken Note stand at the forefront of well-crafted heavy music: Folding cinematic sound design and towering bass around aggressive beats informed by dubstep, metal and dark drum n bass. Layered distorted leads and filtered reeses are immaculately placed between flurries of staggering rhythms, evoking auditory hallucinations and manifesting a deeply detailed sonic landscape. Their incredibly tight flow carries each weighty piece upon a platter of perfectly syncopated beats through beautifully decaying breakdowns with an underlying sense of dark nostalgia. Seamlessly shifting between tempos, they draw from the bleak sonic aesthetics of the Industrial landscape to deliver astonishing heaviness that’s as razor sharp at clubs and festivals as it is in the vast, dilapidated warehouses of the underground.

Following their debut LP release on Ad Noiseam, Broken Note dispatched their towering sound through notable labels including Boka, Prspct, Peace Off, Ninja Tune, Division Recordings, Par Excellence and Owsla. Collaborations with renowned artists across a wide scope of different genres demonstrate both the versatility and respect for the output from across multiple scenes; including released output from I Am Legion, Amon Tobin, Juno Reactor, Richard Devine, DJ Hidden and Current Value. Broken Note’s original tracks formed a regular and recurring element of Amon Tobin’s renowned ISAM AV tours, with Broken Note also being commissioned to remix ‘GoTo 10’ from the album itself.

The next step in their genre-defining path releases came in the form of Broken Note's Black Mirror EP. Moving towards faster beats and new structures, this release delivered to followers the essential sound of the project - heavy, dense and cutting-edge. Both intoxicating and powerful, the Black Mirror EP demonstrated beyond a doubt that Broken Note has no equal in the realm of monstrous, sub driven sound innovation. 2015 saw the release of the widely acclaimed 'Powerplay' remix of the supergroup 'I Am Legion', formed of Noisia and the Foreign Beggars, which became a heavy set-piece across multiple scenes.

The end of 2016 saw their re-emergence to the foreground of hard-hitting experimental, but dancefloor focussed electronic music with the release of Nightcrawler and Rust In Peace, which incorporated the results of new styles and techniques to devastating effect. These saw release on MethLab Recordings, a label which Broken Note co-founded and has gained the accolade of Drum&BassArena Awards best new label of 2016. Also a core member of the Slug Wife collective their touch on the electronic landscape still continues to be felt well beyond the bounds of the project.

2019 sees Broken Note returning to the album format with their highly anticipated tour de force, ‘Exit The Void’. Standing as a cutting-edge and emblematic body of work from Broken Note, it artistically draws influence from across the autonomous and subversive spectrums of the underground: a symbol of social cohesion in divided times, manifested through the collaboration of independent labels and artists. Once again reimagining and innovating the extremes of heavy music, Exit The Void serves as a soundtrack for a disenfranchised generation.

Live performances are currently based around Ableton Live, utilising various midi controllers and FX running with on the spot warping, cueing, and live key work. The content is a blend of cutting-edge original material and unique edits of tracks from those they draw inspiration.

A highly sought-after musical force, Broken Note continue to follow a hectic schedule, regularly touring across North and South America, Australia, Scandinavia, Asia, Russia and Europe. With 10 years plus of international touring and a slew of festival headline shows behind them including Boomtown, Glastonbury, Fusion, Let It Roll, Dejavoom, Infrasound, Defqon1, Maschinenfest and more - They are without a doubt one of the most intense and exhilarating acts performing in the electronic music community today.

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