BALATRON has swiftly gained the attention of a number of forward-thinking labels, including IVY LAB's 20 / 20 imprint, METHLAB RECORDINGS, FLEXOUT and VANDAL. His utterly unique take of halftime and beat-focussed genres lined with hefty bass, and an aesthetic that straddles a range of ideas from nostgalic hip hop to the cutting edge ideas of contemporary dance music, has ensured his rapid rise to notoriety. With his debut full-length LP set for physical release on MethLab Recordings in the near future, and featuring a diverse and pointed array of his stunning and timeless ideas, as well as collaborations with artists such as DJ CRAZE, MONUMAN, BROKEN NOTE and SURVEY, the future is bright for the original sound of BALATRON.

Tour dates
  • Bassface 2019, November 09, 2019

    Balatron // Dickens, Calgary, Canada

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