US production trio AUDEKA have brought an exceptional and unique sound to the Electronic landscape throughout their ongoing journey of releases. Their awe-inspiring approach to immaculate sound design of true depth, laced with profound musicality means that they bring a unique touch to every genre they approach, with each track from their domainn cutting an exceptional and unique mark. Undoubtedly one of the most unique and capable production outfits currently creating, unleashing releases that break boundaries to build a multi-faceted cut into a range of genres approached from their distinctive audio palette. The results define an exceptional approach to music, with Audeka standing in their own right as a genre in themselves -  that rare breed of artist that cannot be nailed down and that brings something unique to the table everytime. Unpredictable and relentlessly evolving - the trio's production has been recognised by portals such as UKF and Mixmag through the releases of their seminal works - the 'Lost Souls' LP and the 'Engine Block' EP on MethLab Recordings. With new material under construction and now based in Germany, expect to hear more from the Audeka movement with tour dates open across the EU now.

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