Uncompromising and loud, synonymous to the iconic bear logo he so frequently uses, AKOV is one of the fastest rising newcomers in the drum & bass scene. With an impressive list of shows and labels behind him in just 3 years, this artist has been under everyone’s radar and earned his place among the ranks of some of todays most exciting dnb artists. From hard hitting, intricately designed bass, tightly executed drum parts and sci-fi-esque introductions to #constantly evolving arrangements with elements of classical, metal, hip hop and reggae coming through in some of his releases, AKOV's style can be recognised almost instantly within a genre that is often #saturated with formulaic and recycled ideas. With each new release, AKOV keeps proving his ability to think outside the box and fuse together a great combination of both dance music and inspirational compositions. Half Russian and half English, this artist’s imposing persona takes that of the Bear and his high energy presence can be greatly felt when performing his DJ sets which have been enjoyed internationally across a wide array of events, from underground raves to large festivals.

Tour dates
  • N.Project Night with Akov, October 24, 2019

    Akov // Fabric, Ostrava, Czechia

  • Korsakov, November 02, 2019

    Akov // Maassilo, Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Darkside presents Eatbrain Night, November 28, 2019

    Akov // Dachstock, Berne, Switzerland

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